Thursday, March 26, 2015

Teacher Resource Page

As part of the process to gain my certification as a Technology Integration Specialist with the West Virginia Department of Education, in our training cohort, I was tasked with creating a teacher resource site to provide links to teachers that I work with. I started this process using SymbalooEdu. I really like Symbaloo for this task, but wanted to ensure that all of the resource pages I created for the teachers were in one central location that was easy to access. With Symbaloo you can link to other webmixes easily, but they always open in a new browser tab or window. I did not like this.

My solution was to embed each of the Symbaloo webmixes onto separate pages within this site. This made it possible to quickly go back and forth in-between these different webmixes without having to open and close browser tabs and windows repeatedly. These webmixes are still in the process of being built but I have a decent start on them for my teachers.

These resources are available at the Teacher Resources link on the top this site. I am also more than willing to take suggestions for resources to add to these pages.

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